Get Floored With These Wooden Floor Lamps!

Lamps as a floor décor: Wooden floor lamps are lamps that are placed on the floors of the room. They have a long stand and a larger foot base for their support as they are heavier. They are bigger than the table top lamps that are common in most homes. Floor lamps are actually a bigger […]

The Wooden Desk Chair – Style Meets Comfort

The etymology of desk and chair: The word ‘desk’ is derived from a Latin word called ‘desca’ which simply means a table used to write on. In older version of Latin it was referred to as ‘desco’. A wooden desk chair is therefore a furniture piece that is used primarily used for academic purposes like reading […]

Tifffany floor lamps

Tiffany Style Foor Lamps – Style And Functionality

Description: Tiffany style floor lamps have a lampshade that is made of glass and is specifically designed by the Louis Comfort Tiffany Art Studio. These lamps belong to Art de Nouveau period. The art philosophy held sway in the period between 1890 and 1910 in Europe. The art form originated in France but was popular throughout Europe.

Ideas For A Great Living Room Interior Design

Your living room is the first space anyone who walks through the door, notices. It is the face of your home, taste and decoration sense. Most of the guests who visit spend time with you only in the living room and hardly see the rest of the house, unless you give them a tour. So, […]

Shop Lights

Led Shop Lights – Light Up Place In A Cool Way

Led Shop Lights are being preferred today. The market is filled with different types of LED lights that can bring life as well as style to the place. There are many advantages for LED shop lights that cannot be found with the traditional tube lights and bulbs. These LED lights are extremely bright and super […]

led light

Led Rope Light Is Taking Over The World Of Lights

An LED rope light is technically used as a decorative fixture. It is made up of small lights that are linked together to form a rope-like structure by being encased in a jacket. These lights are being used in a huge way for both indoor and outdoor decor.

LED Lights For Home – Are You Ready To Switch?

Ring in the new– The days of the incandescent bulb are numbered in most parts of the world. There are newer strides being taken every year in the world of lighting technology. In the US, a legislation passed in the year 2012 has banned the use of the incandescent bulb and the manufacturing them is now a […]

Bathroom design

Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

When you are doing your bathroom fresh or simply planning a redo, the ideas that are available on the internet will help you to settle on to the best possible design and construction. Although the available choices might seem too many, you are sure to pick up the best of ideas and implement on your […]