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Bathroom Decorations – 10 Tips That Will Surprise You

If you want to remodel your bathroom to make it look bigger before your housewarming party, you are not the only one looking for miraculous ideas. Most homeowners look for interesting bathroom decorations to add space and to an otherwise small bathroom in order to make it look bigger. Not everything in your dream home is delivered perfectly because after you are handed over the keys to it, you are left with an option to work it all out to your best advantage. Listed below are few effective ways to remodel your bathroom so that it looks more spacious and more beautiful than it already is:

Here some fresh ideas for your bathroom decorations.

Mind the lightsBathroom lighting decrations

Bathroom lights can go a long way in creating the impression of space. Task lights are what designers suggest new homeowner should opt for because they can be placed in a strategic manner to help open up the bathroom instantly. Furthermore, the sink and the bath areas can make good use of these task lights as much as the spaces over and below bathroom cabinets can. The impression of height and depth can be made possible with an intelligent placement of task lights.

Surface Patterns

Your choice of surface patterns can make or mar your bathroom’s appearance so choose wisely. If you are looking to add a sense of height to your low ceiling, try wallpapers with vertical stripes and add it to the entire area. For the walls, you could try adding continuous horizontally lined designs that will create the illusion of more space from whichever corner you choose to look at it.

Choose Your Palette Wiselybathroom decorations

You will need to plan your color palette well in advance because this is probably the most significant aspect of bathroom decorations. Using neutral colors will not only add space to your bathroom but will also make it more aesthetically appealing. If you have chosen a neutral palette, ensure that you pick patterns and textures in neutral tones so that you continue to add more depth.

Add pops of color to boring whites

Whoever said that you need to have sparkling white bathrooms in order to make them look spacious and clean did not know the miracles that color pops could do. You need not paint the walls with rainbow colors but what you could do is to add a color pop here and there with a brightly colored rug, pretty looking soap dishes, stylish mirror frames and towels in vibrant colors. These will add spunk to a smaller size bathroom without compromising on the depth and height.

Minimize counter spacebathroom red decorations

Small bathrooms need to be functional in nature and what better way to utilize space than adding stackable baskets under bathroom cabinets? Storage is essential in bathrooms and if you can install a couple of well-designed storage areas that also looks attractive, then you have got it all sorted out. Avoid adding knick-knacks that are not functional because they will only lead to unnecessary clutter.

The ultimate choice for bathroom decorations is your own but when you need to start somewhere, this is where you come and take a look!