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Led Shop Lights – Light Up Place In A Cool Way

Led Shop Lights are being preferred today. The market is filled with different types of LED lights that can bring life as well as style to the place. There are many advantages for LED shop lights that cannot be found with the traditional tube lights and bulbs. These LED lights are extremely bright and super […]

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Led Rope Light Is Taking Over The World Of Lights

An LED rope light is technically used as a decorative fixture. It is made up of small lights that are linked together to form a rope-like structure by being encased in a jacket. These lights are being used in a huge way for both indoor and outdoor decor.

LED Lights For Home – Are You Ready To Switch?

Ring in the new– The days of the incandescent bulb are numbered in most parts of the world. There are newer strides being taken every year in the world of lighting technology. In the US, a legislation passed in the year 2012 has banned the use of the incandescent bulb and the manufacturing them is now a […]

Led Light Bulbs For Home – LED Light Vs. Traditional

LED light Vs. Traditional incandescent led light bulbs for home, who wins? The technology: An incandescent bulb has a filament which is made of tungsten. It is chosen for its low melting point. When the bulb is switched on, the filament got heated and produced heat energy and in the process all produced light energy.

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G9 Led Bulb – Great Light From All Directions

G9 is technically a type of a bulb cup. G indicates the lamp holders that have two or more pins. The nine refers to the distance between the centre points of the pin. It is measured in mm. The g9 led bulb can be run only on a high voltage such as 220v.