Get Floored With These Wooden Floor Lamps!

Lamps as a floor décor: Wooden floor lamps are lamps that are placed on the floors of the room. They have a long stand and a larger foot base for their support as they are heavier. They are bigger than the table top lamps that are common in most homes. Floor lamps are actually a bigger version of such table top lamps.wooden floor lamps

A lamp has serves two purposes. Firstly, they add to the glamour of the room by being a great conversation piece and secondly, they provide a source of lighting to the room.

Choices galore:
There is a wide choice available when deciding on a floor lamp. While some of them are replicas of museum art pieces, some can be a combination of being stylish as well as functional, for example having a coffee table underneath or racks in it to keep travel knick knacks and souvenirs. Some lamps can be downright quirky to lend a dramatic effect to the room.

Factors that need to be kept in mind while shopping for the perfect floor lamp:
When deciding on a floor lamp, it is necessary that certain factors are taken into consideration before zeroing on the right piece to take home.

  1. The size of the room:wooden lamps
    It is important that the lamp chosen matches to the scale of the room and is not overly huge in size or too small in comparison. The yardstick of deciding is to measure the ceiling height of the room. The height of the lamp should never exceed more than half of the ceiling height of the room.
  1. The style of the lamp:
    There is no hard and fast rule that the lamps in a room should match with the décor of the room or that if there are more than a couple of lamps they should be color coordinated. In fact, a good mix and match of various lamps adds to the personality of the room.
  1. Material of the lamp:
    Wood is almost always preferred for floor lamps. Wooden floor lamps replicate themselves as a sturdy addition to the décor of the room. They are easy to maintain and also fire proof just in case there is a short circuit or fire mishap. Wood is also durable and longer lasting. When the wooden lamps age, they look even better.
  1. The lampshade and the lighting:
    A lampshade, if chosen with care can create a lot of depth in the room. The shade should be at the eye level of the person standing and not higher than that.wooden lamps

The lighting in the lamp will have to be decided on the basis of whether it is going to be used for reading purpose or only as an ambient light.

Wooden floor lamps as space users:

Wooden floor lamps can be great users of spaces that would otherwise be too small to utilize and go wasted. A small nook between the sofa and the curtains can be used to flaunt an elegant lamp. A smart tall lamp with a distinct lampshade can brighten up the dullest of decors and add a spark to pale interiors!