Tifffany floor lamps

Tiffany Style Foor Lamps – Style And Functionality

Description: Tiffany style floor lamps have a lampshade that is made of glass and is specifically designed by the Louis Comfort Tiffany Art Studio. These lamps belong to Art de Nouveau period. The art philosophy held sway in the period between 1890 and 1910 in Europe. The art form originated in France but was popular throughout Europe.

‘Art Nouveau’ literally means the New Art and it was in contrast with the Applied Arts that was prevalent in those colonies. The art nouveau pieces were actually pieces that were crafted for decorative purposes and it combined craftsmanship with functionality. A lot of world’s original conversation pieces belong to this era.style floor lamps

The art in this period saw beyond the floral designs and tried to integrate various other elements of nature in them as well. The period also saw the art nouveau entering into other closely related fields such as furniture, jewellery, textiles and furnishings, ceramic table ware, lighting, etc. Artists from this period combined aesthetics with the utilitarian and came out with stunning pieces of art.

Museum art:

Several of the art pieces from this period alone including some of the most beautiful Tiffany lights find a pride of place in popular museums world over. They are regarded as masterpieces and valued at much more than what their original price was.

The tiffany style floor lamps with its leaded glass lampshade was such an iconic piece of art in this era that this style of lamp is now referred to only by its name. Even the ones that were not made by the tiffany studio!

A brief history:

The creator of these stunning lamps was a small time artist called Clara Driscoll. Tiffany is only the studio at which he worked. For a long time, the iconic lamps were wrongly credited to the owner of the studio. When the studio did a custom work an interior designer firm in New York, a few of its pieces were displayed at a Chapel in Chicago where it caught the fancy of many rich and elite. His art was sought after by museums for their artistic value and also the European market lapped up the pieces as there was a surge in demand for decorative and conversational pieces in the homes of the European Gentry.tiffany style floor lamps

The production of the tiffany style floor lamps:

The tiffany style floor lamps are prepared using the Copper foil method.

  • The lovely intricate pattern is first drawn on a piece of cardboard;
  • The glass is then laid over the cardboard and the pattern is traced;
  • The pieces are then cut and ground to their correct shape;
  • The glass pieces are then cleaned and copper foil is applied to its edges;
  • The pieces are then assembled in the original pattern, soldered and cleaned to reveal a beautiful piece of art.

Even though a lot of patterns were originally created by Tiffany’s, at present the most popular and sought after ones are the ones that have geometric patterns on them. The master craftsman used triangles, rectangles, ovals, circles and square to form an extremely rich design.

Care to explore?tiffany floor lamps

If the pieces allure you then you can catch a view of some breathtaking pieces displayed at the New York Historical Society and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.


Even though after 1950s the popularity of Tiffany’s began to decline, still a lot of connoisseurs like to collect such pieces at insanely high prices. Some of the studios also offered to make replicas of the original at half the rate. So will you be game for one?