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G9 Led Bulb – Great Light From All Directions

G9 is technically a type of a bulb cup. G indicates the lamp holders that have two or more pins. The nine refers to the distance between the centre points of the pin. It is measured in mm. The g9 led bulb can be run only on a high voltage such as 220v.

The g9 led bulb can be utilized as ceiling fixtures and as down lights.

They are extensively utilized in bedrooms,g9 led bulb bathrooms, kitchens along with hotels, museums, garages, halls and shops. The LED g9 is designed in such a way that the LED is fixed both on the top as well as the side. This g9 led bulb, therefore, emits light from every side. They are available in various colours such as red, yellow, white, warm white and blue.

The biggest advantage of these lights is that they are not only satisfactory but their performance has a stunning effect on the environment. In comparison to the normal and regular lamps, the g9 bulbs have a longer shelf life. The life span is beyond what is normally expected of any lamp. They are also energy efficient. There is no emission of the harmful ultraviolet rays and contain no dangerous or hazardous materials. The g9 bulb is one of the most popular and obvious choices when it comes to picking a lamp for your requirement.

g9 led light bulbAn example of a good g9 bulb is the G9 SMD LED light bulb. They are equipped with energy saving technology. The power consumption is only 2W. The color temperature is 3000 Kelvin. The start up time is instant. The wide beam angle and the no heat release is a big advantage. The acrylic protection that the lamp is provided with ensures that the risk of the glass breaking is minimal. They are beautiful to look at and stylish in nature. The running costs are reduced by ninety-five percent. The high quality and extreme reliability are what makes the product sell. They can directly replace the halogen bulb with no need for change in the fittings.

The other advantages of these LED bulbs are that they are ecologically friendly. The durable quality ensures that they are sturdy and are made up of no toxic materials. They are constructed to withstand the highest pressure in rough conditions. They are resistant to shock and external impacts. Weather, heavy rains and vandalism are all tolerable by these LED lamps.

These LED lamps can be designed and molded into any shape. The efficient illumination is an attractive feature. It can be designed to focus its light and directed to a specific direction without an external reflector. These lights can brighten up as soon as it is powered. It does not take its own sweet time to switch on like the ordinary tube light. Traffic lights utilize this technology. A low voltage power is sufficient to power up this bulb. That makes this one of the most reliable and popular choices of lights.