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Decorating Ideas For Living Room – Make It Unique

What is the first thing you notice when you walk into someone’s house? It is their living room. You form your impression about the rest of the house and the person themselves, from the way the living room is decorated. This is exactly how everyone perceives you from how you have decorated your living room. You can make a big first impression with the following decorating ideas for living room.

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Some Unique Ideas

Once you have studied your living room well, you will be able to decide on the designs and decorations easily.

Here are a few decorating ideas for living room:

  1. If you are not under a strict budget, get a false ceiling. You can insert variety of lights and create a more sophisticated ceiling for your living room. Get a two level false ceiling and insert tiny lights all around the second level. This will make the room look majestic and calm.
  2. Get antique furniture and artifacts. When many of your neighbors are spending big money on the latest technology and the new age painters’ masterpieces, spend some valuable money on antiques and paintings of famous artists from the past (This idea will not go along with your false ceiling).
  3. decorating ideas for living roomGet sofas with big arm rests or chairs with a straight back. These are big and will completely hide the person sitting in it. When you sit in it, it makes you feel small, thus enhancing the size of the room and also giving it a more sophistication.
  4. Get a nice coffee table that can serve that can serve more than one purpose. Get a coffee table with extra seats that can be pulled out. Not only can they serve as extra seats, but can also serve as a foot rest like ottomans.
  5. Get a nice big couch with an ottoman. This is a perfect cosy seating for you if you love to read or watch a movie in your living room.
  6. Instead of hanging paintings and displaying family pictures on the side table, frame the pictures with interestingideas for living room designs and hang it up on the wall. Enlarge your favourite photos into various sizes and have them framed in a nice solid wooden frame. Now you can hang them in a random order and create a rich collage on the wall.
  7. Hang treasure boxes of your kids on the wall. This treasure box will typically hold the firsts of the child. It can contain your child’s first socks, clothes, cap, sweater etc. The other option is to frame the first cups/ certificates of your kids’ victory along with a picture of them on that day. This will make an interesting topic when you have company.
  8. Choose bamboo blinds with interesting patterns instead of the regular cloth curtains. You can even get plain bamboo blinds and paint them yourself. Even if it does not have the professional touch, it will have a personal touch and that is exactly what makes it a “home”

The above decorating ideas for living room can not only liven up the space but can also make it unique and personalised. The room will reflect your taste and personality so spend some time and choose ideas that will impress others.