Living Room Design

Ideas For A Great Living Room Interior Design

Your living room is the first space anyone who walks through the door, notices. It is the face of your home, taste and decoration sense. Most of the guests who visit spend time with you only in the living room and hardly see the rest of the house, unless you give them a tour. So, your living room interior design needs a lot of focus to ensure your personality and style is conveyed seamlessly.

What To Consider?

Before you start implementing your living room interior design ideas, living roomyou need to take the following into consideration:

  • The number of people in your house – This enables you to decide the number of seats you would require in your living room, so that you don’t have to pull out extra chairs, when you get together as a family for an occasion, movie or just a drink.
  • The size of your living room – This plays the major role in your living room interior design ideas. You may like a lot of things you see around you or in those magazines, but all cannot be implemented. You should ensure you decorate the room according to the space available. The room should not be cramped up.
  • The Placement Of doors and windows – This influences a lot of the decorating ideas in your living room such as:room interior design
    • The curtains you decide will change the look of your living room. You can go in for thick curtains with bring prints or even designer blinds. This has to be in harmony with the rest of the living room decor.
    • If your windows are too close to each other, you need to consider the curtain and the space it would occupy and decide the wall decoration accordingly.
    • The placing of your furniture, as you may want a view rather than have your back facing the windows.
    • There shouldn’t be any articles or furniture too close to the window as it may obstruct access to the windows, either to open or clean them.
  • The levels in your living room – If it is a single level and you have a large floor space, you can decorate with lovely carpets or colourful rugs. If there is more than one level, you can decorate around the stair area with plants or other room interior design
  • The number off walls – This will enable you to decide the number of lights you can have in your living room. You can even hang paintings or photo frames and have a spot light over them.
  • Your ceiling – If you have a curved ceiling, make the best of it by decorating it with tasteful lights. If your ceiling is regular and boring, add a chandelier for an immediate makeover. You can even get ceiling fans in different sizes and models. If you like experimenting, you can try one of the older models, to add an antique touch, but ensure your chandelier is also antique.

These are some of the living room interior design ideas. When you start decorating, go with the flow of your mind as you will spend a lot of time with guests in this room. It needs to reflect who you are, so that you don’t feel out of place when you have company.