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Living Room Design

Interior Design Living Room – Design It Well.

A living room is the one place that everyone will definitely visit when home. That is the first place to decorate and remodel when having guests over. It will showcase our sense of style and class in a big way. Interior design living room ideas are many. The trick is to use them and still pull it off without being gaudy.

Designing the empty space is just as important as designing what goes into the space. Designing is not just about dumping everything in the available space. Beauty lies in the blank as well.interior living room

The walls and the furnishing add to the charm of the living room. Since the living room can be used for many purposes, it should be designed appropriately. It can be a formal sitting area as well as a place to entertain guests. The essential element of the living room is the seating area. The comfortable couches and the centre table make the difference.

To some people, a comfortable sofa and a lovely coffee table is what makes a living room. The colour coordination along with the wall hangings and pictures should be considered. This is where the theme comes in. The rest depend on what is in the centre of the living room.

A simple colour palette with patterns of stripes and polka dots here and there can work very well. The colours merge into the background making the patterns stand out. This is a look that is known to work in many houses. A dash of personality can be added when bright colours such as red are added in nooks and corners. A bright red pillow case or a red rose in the corner  of the room can make the room look vibrant and alive.

interior design living roomAnother popular interior design living room idea is the steady and even brown look.

Chocolate brown is a favourite, to begin with. The floor is of wooden finishing. The wallpaper also matches with the furniture. Antique wooden beams can be part of this arrangement. Wall hangings are also framed in small brown wooden fittings. Bamboo blinds and organic textures can be a fashion statement.

A black and white room is something to look at. It provides a sleek and stylish look that is quite hard to pull off. It can be quite magnificent once done correctly. A green plant in the centre can bring some colour to the otherwise sober looking environment. Glass partitions and natural stones can blend very living room

Asian inspired themes are also doing their rounds today. The Buddha look is trending very well. A massive Buddha statue in the centre with nothing else around can be truly eye catching. A peace emanating feeling is derived from this theme. Harmony and balance are restored.

There is such a thing called too much. Interior design living room ideas need to be applied correctly and efficiently. The theme makes a big difference along with the colour combination. One should not completely overpower the other. Living rooms are designed for relaxed and happy times. Design it well.