Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Led Flood Lights – Rock Stars of Lighting

Areas of usage: Outdoor LED flood lights are generally used for lighting up large areas. Some of the places where they can be ideally fitted are

  1. On public and private roads;
  2. Parking garages of malls and parking canopies of office buildings;
  3. Bigger parking lots at stations and aerodromes;Outdoor Led Flood lights
  4. Sports stadium or sports courts ( for example, tennis court);
  5. Gardens and lawns;
  6. Building construction area;
  7. Building Façade and compound area;
  8. Industrial yards;
  9. Recreational areas (like swimming pool);
  10. Billboards, public signage etc.

Why Outdoor LED Flood lights are the best?

  1. They have the ability to light up huge areas of space:

The purpose of lighting the exterior area may be to light up big areas of space which wear a deserted look after dusk. The outdoor LED flood lights have the ability to illuminate the area with the right amount of brightness. They are bright enough to even keep intruders or wild animals away.

  1. They do not require numerous fixtures:

The LED outdoor lighting kits are so bright that a couple of them will be enough to light up a few hundred meters of space. Their throwback of the light on the ground is much higher than CFL or halogen bulbs. Therefore, a minimum expenditure on the purchase of fixtures and its installation can be anticipated. The fixtures are also very cost effective and do not pinch the pocket.Outdoor Led lights

  1. They are energy efficient:

These lights are extremely energy efficient. While a 60 wattage incandescent bulb can produce 850 lumens of light, only a 12 wattage LED bulb is capable of producing the same light in even lesser energy. This means that there is big saving on the electricity bills.

The scientific reason why these lights are energy efficient is that when they are switched on, the electrons in them come together and produce more light energy than heat energy. The earlier generations of lighting like the incandescent and the CFL produce light energy only after its filament or the chemical inside them is sufficiently heated. That is why there is always a lag before they become bright. They are also known ‘power guzzlers’.

  1. They are longer lasting:

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), an independent organization that tests various lighting solutions worldwide recommends use of outdoor LED floodlights in places that need less maintenance. According to independent tests and researches conducted by them, if an LED is kept in use for three hours daily, it will last a whopping fifty two thousand hours!

  1. They do not leave carbon footprint:Outdoor Led lights

Using these lights can help you live guilt free of not polluting the environment. It is like adopting a concerted effort to safeguard the earth. The energy efficiency of the light lies in the fact that it helps save on electricity. Also, because it lasts very long, there is no need for over production of the bulbs which can also indirectly pollute the earth during its manufacture.

One drawback of this light is that they are slightly costlier than the other lights. But considering the fact that they are energy efficient and last more than twenty times longer is a big reason to adopt them now.